there's a mind under this hat

Whovian, silver tongued, beatlemaniac, sherlocked, stranger.

"Boy, I feel that men are meant to be more than the shadows of each other"

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The Who at Monterey Pop Festival


does music ever hit you so hard that you get really emotional and you can’t function so you just sit there for hours


#ten is just really over your shit. like really over it.


Arctic Monkeys + favourite lines (part 1)

From the beginning she was impossible. The impossible girl. I met her in the Dalek asylum, never saw her face, and she died. I met her again in Victorian London, and she died. Saved my life both times, giving her own. And now she’s back. And she’s perfect. Perfect in every way for me. Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need. 

"I used to have a teacher exactly like you."
Well, you still do. Pay attention.”


"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I’m tired. I’ve been so busy, it’s incredible. I’m happy, though. But I’m tired. I need to take a day off to rest, and I don’t know when I will be able to…


Favorite Mumford Moments 5/?

A fan makes Marcus blush at the Opera House in Telluride, Colorado in June 2011. [x]

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